Full-fledged site usability

Site usability is the professional service from web-studio Black Horse. Usability is the full-fledged resource analysis, as the result the comfort of the site is estimated. Meaning of this term is wide: it is learned in audit process, placing of logo as well as comfortability of filling-in the ordering-form.

In the whole, audit is done in order to make resource better and to stimulate the visitors to stay on the page for a longer wile, as well as to make correct actions: to buy, to order, to sign-up and so on. The correctly made estimation of site usability and correctly fulfilled recommendations after analysis increase indices of the platform in several times; effectivity can grow up to 20-100%.

Questions for site usability estimation

Our specialists will do the usability testing and provide the answers on most spread questions, those interest internet-sites owners:


why is the conversion not large and doesn’t grow even by traffic increase?


Do visitors really use the site simply?


How simple is the search on resource pages?


Does the site fictionalize correctly?


How to increase visitors activity and traffic effectivity?


Why the deepness of view is low?


How to change pages, that they become understood and attractive for visitors?

Professional sites usability (analysis and changes) will make the platform maximum comfortable for target auditorium, will strengthen authority, will give the ground for conversion increase.

Of what the usability consists

Site usability in Kiev and Kharkov is the large work complex, that includes:

Site functions analysis.

How comfortable is to find needed parts and information, to fill in forms, to register and to order.

Navigation testing of site usability.

The estimation of information systematization quality, comfort of existing menus.

Estimation of main page.

How correctly are blocks with functions introduced, content, selling elements.

Content audit.

Is the view of pages content organized comfortable, is the use of these or those informational blocks suitable.

Estimation of textual filling.

The relevance of headers is learned, informativeness and quality of texts, correctness of formatting.

Common testing.

Trial orders, estimation of forms comfortability, contact page quality and many other.

Audit of site view.

The load and view of pages in browsers from different devices is estimated.

Our services on usability testing

So to make site usability estimation in Kiev, Kharkov or any other Ukrainian city, we use checked with the time classical methods:

«Three seconds rule»

It's said to be the ideal case, that a user should find all key elements on sites pages during 3 seconds. If more time is needed – the visitor is disappointed and leaves. We make similar test in order to educe all incompatibilities.

Learning of users behavior.

Using specialized tools and services, we obtain data about objective behavior of average users like video, recorded from computers monitors. Estimation of this information allows to conclude, how to improve the usability on certain pages.

Professional estimation.

Using the experience and common rules of professional testing of client sites usability, we determine successful and incomplete points on pages, give recommendations on improvement of each element.

Advantages of usability ordering at Black Horse

professional analysis of a resource is made from the point of user’s view – because his behavior and opinion are critical for project efficiency. We determine reasons of inappropriate visitors behavior, analyze why they don’t make needed actions, and always give recommendations to the project owner.

In the work, we use chosen focus-groups, as well as use checked resources on making objective live testings of site by real users. This gives the possibility to obtain the exact information and to give advices, those really will make your resource better and more effective.

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