Brief for site development

The site development starts with filling the brief. The brief helps You to form Your куйгшкуьутеы ещ еру зкщоусе, and us - to understand, how to satisfy your needs in the best way. Such brief is enough for us, so to estimate round cost and terms of work.

There are no obvious fields - just fill in what you think is needed.

01 marketing

company name

How to shorten, to abbreviate, whether it is translated to another language, which name is to use?

business sphere

Name the business sphere. List your advantages, differences, key moments, those you would like to bring to auditorium in the first line.

aim of site development

Point, for what you need your own ressource, what you expect from it, what you plan. You want to sell more goods or attract the attention

target auditorium

List persons groups you intend to visit your site.

02 design


List their strong and weak sides. Give the links to their web-sites.

Web-sites you like

Give the links (not obviously from your industry).

Firm style

Do you have a brand-book and logo, or development is required?

Firm colors

Which colors should prevaluate in your design?

project style

Which style you wish for your project?

presented materials

Which materials we need for the work on your project? You can attach an archive to this brief.

03 functionality

preliminary site structure

List main site parts and their interactive possibilities.

Site type

Name the type of the site.

Site language

Name the main site language. Do you plan the multilingual site, where the content translation is needed.

04 technical questions


Do you need the development of mobile site version or adaptation for mobile devices?

Payment systems

Which payment systems you intend to use?

hosting, domain name

Here you can point, on which hosting and under which name the site will be published in the internet.


Domain name

Terms of realization and project budget

If the project should be realized in certain terms, name it. Also, if possible, call the prject's budget.

your contact data

How to connect you for further project discussment? Tell, how you prefer to communicate.

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