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Site design — the professional service from studio Black Horse

Sites design — professional service from specialists of web-studio Black Horse. Web-design is a creative and simultaneously one of most complicated steps of site development. Result of successful site design creation is not only esthetically pleasant project, but also thought through usability. Works are fulfilled by professional designers of our studio — specialists, who perfectly know web-design and site build, able to work effectively. Web design is the possibility to wake interest of a visitor, to bring information on pages attractively and comfortable.

Under design development one has to achieve several bound aims:


Correct placement of graphical accents for visitors attraction and set before the project aims (e.g. stimulation of purchases).


In other words, comfort of resource use. However, it should be comfortable for visitor as well as for administrator. The main task, standing before designer is achievement of simplicity. All elements have to be understandable, noticeable and invoking no questions.


In order the resource promotion becomes successful, site design should be maximum interesting. Visitors in the first line estimate resources by their outlook and only then take the decision, whether to stay on the page.

How we create web resource design

site design in Kharkov is the complicated complex service.
For the project realization one has to make several steps.

on this step the discussing of future project goes on. On the base of filled by the client brief and number of specifications, obtained by personal conversation, we determine list of tasks, learn needed data (e.g. sites of successful competitors), determine working plan, make brain storms and make other needed activities. As a result everything should be ready for successful start and full realization of the project.


the site design is discussed by the whole team: designer, project manager, programmer, responsible for layout, optimizer or Internet marketolog. They take the decision about how to fulfill work and to achieve complex results: in order that all elements of future resource are thought through in advance.


it is the most step of work on design. Working on prototype specialists solve the complex of key tasks:

  • • where and how to place all design elements;
  • • how to make the site navigation maximum simple, comfortable and accessible;
  • • how with help of design to make better complex usability of site.

Prototype is the first working decision, literally – draft of future web resource. As a rule, designers create several prototypes, so that the client determines suitable for him decision.


We work on complex decisions, those allow to provide unique design. Development of original elements is made with support for main aim of the site. We can provide functional and beautiful decisions for Internet-shops, corporative sites, visit-cards, landing pages and other projects.


ready versions of site design we give to customers. Client can make corrections, form recommendations – together we do all, so to achieve the ideal result. Work on web design we consider finished, when the customer accepts one of versions: after that we have to fulfill the line of finishing works and pass ready templates to layout.
Successful site design creation for clients in Kharkov, Kiev, and other cities in Ukraine is the aim of work of our web studio. You can estimate our possibilities, by viewing the portfolio and by reading clients feedback. Take to the attention, that we don't realize template projects: in each case, original approach is used, allowing fully solve our tasks.

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