development and integration of elements for branding

Development of firm style in Kharkov and Kiev – is the professional service from specialists of web-studio Black Horse.

Firm style is the modern way of brands promotion through use of unique complex of graphics, colour and other elements.

They should supply sense and visual entity, accurate association to the certain company. The qualitative fetching of these elements allows to increase awareness of the brand.

Functions of corporate style

Firm style forms and helps to support fast-recognizable, unique and attractive look of brand. This influences the reputation growth of company. If the target auditorium assimilates the brand positively – so this attitude will be brought also to its products. Well-known fact: most of people think, that the quality of brand goods with recognizable firm style is much higher, than at less-known companies – that is why they are ready to pay more.
With help of lucky chosen elements the brand and its products identification will be simplified. representatives of the target auditorium will find the company products faster and associate their design with the certain trade mark.
Branded goods and other products stand out on the background of other analogue products. average statistical byer can easier choose well recognizable and outstanding products – and they will orient themselves on those by next and further choose.

Important features of firm style

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Development of firm style allows making brand communications more integrated in all directions: this applies to advertisement, production, official papers and publications in mass media. Constant use of elements of corporative style allows driving to market new products much faster and easier: as they have recognizable features, they will be associated to a certain company.

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With help of corporative style it is easier to develop marketing communications, cutting down time and expenses for campaigns preparation.
The employees are proud of successful corporative style elements – and this works as motivation factor, makes for joining up the staff. There are many similar advantages – therefore expenses on designers job will be worth it.

System of corporative style

Firm style is the base for outward company activity, the very important element of branding process.

Style system includes development and use:
  • Trade mark
  • Logo
  • Slogan
  • Corporative colours
  • Firm fonts
  • Other elements

Significance of each element is hardly to overestimate: any of them brings the advertisement effect, increases the recognizability, authority, makes for easier market promotion. Corporative style elements are used on visit cards and firm blanks, on packages and advertising products, on working clothes of staff and on big-boards.

Black Horse studio offers professional services in development of firm style for your company.

We have experience and needed resources in order to provide fully functional effect and to help your company easier to positionize itself on the market.

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