Tuning of context advertisement

High quality of campaigns realization of any complexity to turnkey: from choose of keywords to creation of high effective messages

Real increase of target visitors flow – the base for conversion increase

Precise analysis of advertisement campaign, estimation of each keyword and correction until the maximum output

Objective informating of client about the flow of advertisement campaign with the providing of valuable reports

Context advertisement

Google Adwords

Demonstration of advertising messages on pages of search engine Google is one of the most effective in Ukraine ways to attract interested users on to site. Thanks to large amount of tunings one can attract users to site from the first hours of campaign startup.

Google has wide net of sites-partners, those also can show context advertisements. Advertisement through partners sites is usually used for brand promotion. Also, context advertisements can be tuned on demonstration after results of navigation of users in Gmail.


Context advertisement in Yandex.Direct system is the effective method of attracting the target auditorium to sites, brands, products or services. As the whole, the advertising net of Yandex reminds Google Adwords – the messages are demonstrated in search results and on partner sites.

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