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Web-studio Black Horse offers to clients promotion of site in Kharkov – the actions, directed to increase of visiting an internet resource through better positioning in search engines by determined queries. Most oft the search engines are Google and Yandex – the most used in our region.

What we will do

Set of jobs we do for promotion


We will analyze the resource.

Audit and analytics are one of key factors of modern site promotion. After obtaining and handling the data we will know about all advantages and disadvantages of your resource, about market niche, competitors. This will help to develop the right promotion strategy.


We will compose the strategy.

It is literally working plan, that we will fulfill for the promotion. The strategy is based on aims. They are different: to increase the visits, to increase the recognizability of brand, to tune up the callback with clients and much more.


We will compose the semantic core.

This is an extensional list of queries, suiting your project. On composing we will regard the most asked queries in the niche, words, by those your competitors are found. We will distribute queries by importance level and will determine, which queries should be promoted in the first line.


We will realize inner technical work.

We will remove mistakes in the code, make corrections, answering the modern trend ( for example, we will add the mobile version). We have no doubt, that your site was made impeccably. But, on the internet market everything is changing very fast, that is why such works are very useful.


We will do the inner optimization.

This is huge amount of arrangements, those allow to bring the resource to format, suiting the promotion in search engines. During the process, we will use the chosen words and phrases from the semantic kernel and optimize meta-tags, add titles and headers, optimize content of the pages, will fulfill inner relinking of pages, will create and tune files robots.txt and sitemap.xml.


We will do the outer optimization.

And these arrangements are directed to promotion. These include registration of the resource in search engines, adding the project to cartographical services and directories, manual purchase of links to qualitative thematic resources, promotion by articles on authoritative portals. These arrangements are usually enough for promotion.


We will track the statistics and make corrections.

Using the modern instruments of statistics, one can get know everything about visiting the resource: number of visits each day and to definite hours, regionality of visits, sources for traffic, behavior of users on pages, period of visiting and much more. With this data, we can correct the strategy and make the ideal conditions for visitors.

You didn’t understand something?

We offer our short dictionary for that we communicate in the same language, and you understand that we don’t just operate with terms but really work.
is that what the user types into the search input. Queries are divided into high-, middle- and low-frequent. High-frequent are the most popular( e.g. buy a car), mid-frequent point characteristics (e.g. buy a car in Kharkov), low-frequent allow to find the exact information (e.g. buy a Toyota in Kharkov).
it is the improvement, casting to standards, with which the search engines are working. The synonym for site promotion.
are important elements of code on each site page, messaging key information. The most important meta-tags are title and description.
is the file, including set of rules for search robots. Visiting your site, robots read these rules and learn resource by them. In the file one can hide from search engines all technical pages or information, including user data.
is the file with the map of the site, especially actual for large portals with tens or even thousands of pages. With help of this file the robot checks the structure of resource faster and won’t miss anything during indexation.
is the process of learning of your site by the search robot. After the result of indexation the decision is met: to let the page be on search list or not. The robot visits the site regularly and each time makes the indexation of all pages. If the quality of some of them got worse, the page can be missed out of search results.
is the process of distribution inner links between pages for comfortable navigation and determining of importance of each page.
are terms, meaning level of site comfort for users. The very important factor, increasing behavior factors.
are terms for behavior of users on site pages: period of visit, actions, inner navigation and many other points. Key factor, that the search engines concern on ranging.
the process of placing sites on positions in search results. On upper positions are the most popular, high-quality and interesting for auditorium resources.
any information, placed on site pages. The content can be textual, graphics or video. Now actual is optimized content – the content that includes key words in natural view. Especially it is important for texts. For example, this text is optimized also (and you haven’t noticed).

Why is everything so complicated?

Because site promotion in Ukraine, as well as in the whole world – is the ambiguous process. Relationships scheme in it: Client-Optimizer-Search engine. And it depends on the last, whether the resource will be placed in search results profitable position, or not. Algorithms, according to which the search engines are working, are secrets (otherwise the promotion would lose its sense). That is why optimizers consider each factor, influencing the result.

How much time is needed for site promotion?

By low-frequent queries one can get to Top-10 of results already after 2-3 months. For mid- and high-frequent quries – from 6 til 12 months, or more: it all depends on competition in the niche. Don’t trtust to those, who promises “all and at once” during 3-4 months – in the majority of niches it is impossible.

What influences price and terms of site promotion?

Region of promotion and competition

The more serious competitors in your niche, the more expensive is the promotion ( and, therefore, longer ). The larger is the region, where you promote, the higher must be the budget.

Art of queries

High-frequent are most expensive. We share the secret with you: the better way is to promote by 3-7 high-frequent queries, dispersing the main weight to mid- and low-frequent. They usually bring the desired visitors.

Site quality

This indicator is determined after resource audit.

Site age

If the resource was promoted earlier or just exists not the first year – it will be easier to promote it and much cheaper.

Art and volume of site

The price is influenced by category of resource(commercial, informational) and number of promoted pages.

Links prices

Competent promotion – is the manual purchase of links at authoritative sites. It is expensive but very efficient.

How to recognize cheaters

In order to promote a site, and not to present money to cheaters, refuse from specialists, who:

Guarantees to promote a site in defined terms, to defined positions, with exact points of visitors (all this as a whole and separate is UNREAL)


Lets you know about “special agreements” with leaders of search engines


Promises to make everything very cheap. It is the sure way to black-list of search systems


Uses stocks for mass growth of links, services for wrapping visits and behavior factors.

Advantages of site SEO promotion


Reliable result – first expenses and right activities make profit by stable high positions. Their support nearly doesn’t need expenses.


Auditorium – millions of users


Ability to influence auditorium and to change influence methods

And now compare this, for example, to street advertisement on billboards:

The result depends on expenses. The budget is over – the boards are off.

Auditorium – thousands of people, the same each day

Boards fade on sun and need additional expenses

It is possible to change the information and influence method on auditorium only by full change of board.

Web-studio Black Horse recommends: the choice rules for site promotion


The company has the experience with projects of different arts.


Specialists start working with audit, and not with links purchase.


The company has certificates from search engines.


The company’s site is modern, comfortable and right optimized.


The company consists not of one SEO-optimizer, but of the specialists team: designers, programmers, optimizers, administrators. Their services will be obviously needed during the promotion process – the services will be cheaper and of better quality, if they will be provided by professionals from one company.


Among clients of the company – authoritative brands and respectable firms. This is the sign for trust, because big business prefers not to risk by ordering services.

Frequently asked questions of clients of Black Horse web-studio

Because you have competitors, those also want to gain auditoriums favor. If you stay on the half-way – your expenses will be vain, because the achieved positions will be soon lost. But, in the same time, by gaining the needed positions the expenses can be reduced. But full refuse is not recommended.
Prior we already named the approximate terms of promotion. It depends on a large amount of factors: site age, speed of pages indexation, actuality of your proposal, compliance to search engines. The search engines are changing regularly, and this reflects on search results. There were cases, where authoritative resources after new algorithm lost their positions. But it is excluded, if the promotion was done correctly and without forbidden methods.
Sites are for people – so is the base trend of modern SEO. Search engines now are fighting with resources, that are created for promotion. The main reference point now – whether the site is interesting for auditorium, whether it replies the needs. Such resources have all chances to get on profitable positions. It is possible, only if the pages will contain correct, fully unique, interesting and oft updated content.
A month is only spent for audit, inner optimization and start of outer promotion. In order to see the results, we have to make full indexation, high trust of search engines, and not a wrapping. We have no doubt, that your friends ordered services and got fast results. But let us see where their projects will be in a half year. Yours will be promoted to top. And your friends will make budgets for outcoming of site from black list.

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