Development and creation
of a logo for a brand or a site

Logo development is the professional service from web-studio Black Horse designers. Logo is the original element, that is used as the company- or internet project decoration, and plays a very important role for branding. Such elements are used overall not only for creation of advertising polygraphics company elements, but also for sites: corporate projects, internet shops, informational and other resources.

Advantages of logos in Kharkov

We provide quality logos design for companies in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities: the web-studio is open for all customers. What does it mean? For development and creation of logo the team work will be used: the marketologs will help the designers, after analysis and supplying the base information.

The specialist, who works on a project, will provide several versions of design for a choice. He will cool make changes and fullfil recommendations until the customer approves the idea. The ready logo gets for review to marketologs, who will estimate it from professional point of view.

The result — not only beautiful, but also effective firm sign, that will attract auditorium, work for authority growth and brand recognizability, will bring the needed effect. Comprehensive approach, modern instruments, realization of projects of any difficulcy level during development and creation of logo — are typical features of our work.

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