Mobile applications development.

Development and creation of mobile applications for Android in Kiev and Kharkov — the professional service from web-studio Black Horse.

We create products, interesting for all: startuppers, owners of successful commercial projects, brands.

Mobile application for Android allows to attract the additional interest of auditorium, to achieve many advantages in business promotion.

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mobile application

The applications development is done not only for playing or entertaining sectors. Modern smartphone and tablets users, among games and social media, buy actively with help of applications. That is why, such programs can be considered as modern additional sales chanels.

Application for smartphone on Android — is the actual software, always having a demand for. Average owner of a mobile device installs approximately 25 applications per month.

As the statistics show, round 49% of active Gadgets owners use mobile applications for products and services search, and average 70% of them make order after the successful search. Monthly 55% of users buy using mobile applications. 30% of them make an order during 24 hours after they find the proper product or a service. 70% of users buy during one hour.

Mobile applications creation: steps

─ 01 ─

Each application for phones under Android is developed, after answering the question: For what is it needed? It is important to understand, which aims stand before the program: sales increase, brand promotion or something else.

It is also to learn the market and the niche, where the target auditorium is to attract. Learning of competitors, auditorium interests and its favourite programs will help to determine maximum concrete strategy, to choose the most proper platform.

─ 02 ─
of development

After determining aims, comes time for development. The start is creation of mobile interface, working on future parts prototypes. On this step, the data of auditorium analysis comes to be useful.

There are many nuances in the work, that is why the work is fulfilled only by experienced professionals. The program has to be maximum comfortable. The ready interface projects come to designer, who creates the unique look of the program.

─ 03 ─

After the end of the work on design-project, samples of application come to programmers, who start writing the code.

Their task is to realize all planned functions, using modern technologies, orienting on modern standarts, creating the fast and stable working program.

─ 04 ─
and start-up

As the mobile application development finished, comes the step of program quality testing, testing of speed and stability of functioning.

After all recommendations of QA-engineers considered, and the product becomes ideal, it can be placed in Google Play and/or in AppStore (for iPhone), and the promotion can start.

Advantages of mobile applications in business sphere.

The most popular directions for mobile applications creation are e-commerce, services, informational projects (mass media), entertainments and games. In each of these directions, programs for smartphones will open following advantages:

loyality increasing of target auditorium;

operative informing of users;

stimulating the clients activities;

additional profit (e.g. thanks to advertising);

sales increase for commercial projects;

additional communications channel — more auditorium;

Which platform for mobile applications is better?

It is the actual question for those, who plans program creation for a certain platform

Applications for Android – are leaders of the market. Mobile devices, working on this operating system, are most spread.

Users auditorium is very large: gadgets owners on Android download most oft entertaining, households-, commercial and business applications.

Applications for iOS (in most cases these are applications for iPhone) don`t differ with functionality from programs for Android.

But, there is a difference in auditorium. „Apple“ devices can afford people with high income, that is why they have according interests. It is the most loyal to commercial offers auditorium.

Which platform is in result better?
There is one answer: it is better to develop applications for Android
and iOS simultaneously, in order to cover the maximum of target auditorium.

Creation of applications in our studio is the process, characterized by following advantages:

Development of applications in Kiev and Kharkov is one of the main and most needed directions of our studio activities. Order our services, and the ready product won`t disappoint you.

How to order a mobile application creation?

Development of mobile application on Android starts with the choice of the professional developer. Only experienced specialists can create applications for iPhone and gadgets on Android.

Studio Black Horse gathered the developers team with experience and can guarantee the actuality, high quality and stable functionality of ready products.

We know how to create an application that brings maximum of profit to customer.

Address yourself to our studio, and as a result of collaboration, you will become the owner of the high-quality, modern product, you will improve your business processes, increase company profit through attracting new clients and activating existing clients.

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