Development of mobile applications for iOS for successful business

Development of applications for iOS in Kharkov and Kiev is the professional service from studio Black Horse.

iOS – is the mobile platform for products line from Apple. Considering, that these gadgets are in the higher price category, the most number of their owners are successful persons with high income.

So, the development of applications for iPad and iPhone is oriented to a certain auditorium, that is interested in commercial products.

Advantages of applications for iOS for business projects:

targeting the profitable aim auditorium

ability to attract the additional traffic, to increase sales

availability for clients 24 hours a day

automatization of many processes: commercial and corporative

Features of iOS-applications development

The development of applications for iOS is made step by step. We start with learning of market niche and successful applications of competitors, analyse the demands of target auditorium. This allows to develop the full-fledged project and perspective strategy.

Next step – creation of interface. We make the program maximal comfortable, considering the features of iPad and iPhone. Each user guesses, how to use the functionality of our programs, with no need in explainations. Each product is comfortable and of use for the customers.

Application design – is an important part. Comfort, pleasant colours, understandable fonts and pictures - these criteria are always considered by specialists during the work. As the design templates are ready, the programming development of applications for iOS with craft of professional specialists starts.

The final of work on mobile applications is testing, load to AppStore considering the demands and standarts of platform and the further technical support for the program. If it is needed, we will work on bettering and widening of functionality.

What does the owner of an application for iOS obtain?

the prestige grows

The development of applications for iOS is made not only for auditorium attraction and certain processes optimization. To owe a gadget from Apple is prestigeous. Accordingly, the companies, supplying applications for iPhone and iPad are also like prestigeous, stable working and successful. Especially, when these programs are useful and comfortable.

Sales increase

The statistics show, that the most owners of Apple gadgets prefer to surf in internet with them. Round 80% of target auditorium, visiting the commercial sites, buy during first 24 hours. The volume of average buyers auditorium a month is higher than 70% of the number of devices owners.

Loyality increases

One of Apple concepts – the creation of comfortable space for chosen people, who can afford expensive gadgets. If the development of an application for iOS is done by all rules, your program will be allowed to that spaceand from the start will gain the loyality of users.

We offer the professional development of mobile applications for iOS in Kharkov and Kiev - considering modern trends, with effective decisions and effectivity guarantees.

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