Portal development

Portal development — full work system for creation of a complex site

Portal creation in Kharkov and Kiev is the professional service from web-studio Black Horse. Portal is called a large resource or sites group, containing large volume of different content and providing wide functional possibilities. Such projects can be closed (in-corporative) and open. Concerning the expenses for creation and keeping of these large portals, they are usually developed for obtaining of commercial profit.

Development of internet-portal is a very complicated and durable process, demanding of team participation of several professionals. Such sites are created for daily thousands of visits, that is why everything on them should be well thought-through, ready for loads, comfortable and interesting.

Steps of portal development

Professional development of a portal is made step-by-step, with accordance of specialists activities on each of these steps.

Everything begins with development of the technical task. For this, main functions of resource have to be determined, as well as limits of functional possibilities have to be calculated. Indices, used by calculations, depend on portal type and on planned visiting.


Prototyping is the next step. Creation of internet-portal starts with the design development. Specialists work in details on all elements: from background color and font to logo and outlook of buttons. The work goes on creation of templates of all pages and parts of portal.


Internet portal development follows by programming step. It consists of resource layout, functional elements creation, algorythm for comfortable site structure working-through. On this step, the comfortable admin platform is chosen, the resource is integrated with it.


Testing and debug — finishing step of portal development. The whole team of independent QA-engineers check the resource for comfort, functionality and tens other criteria. By results, the additional works are done, and idealy ready project becomes ready for start-up.

Functions of internet-portals.

Creation of internet-portal is directed to realization of a tasks complect, informating, communication builds or commercial operations flow. The main functions of such projects are:

universality - the users have access to very wide set of online-instruments and possibilities for solving certain tasks ( e.g. choice of manufacturer of needed production );

many possibilities — portals unite very large amount of content of different type: interactive, news, entertaining;

functionality — possibilities of portals are very wide: they can be simultaneously used as advertising, sales-, informational and other platforms.

Arts of internet-portals


Public — prepared for wide auditorium, providing widened possibilities for users. For example, here one can share information, post comments, download the content, sign up for mailings.


Corporational — insiders, prepared for users, having access rights. Usually such portals are thought for inner-corporational information exchange, electronic documentation processing and other aims.


International — multilingual resources, including content and functions, interesting for auditorium from several world`s countries. They can be informational, commercial, corporative and any other.


With vertical structure — these are thematical portals of a certain thematics, including full value of characteristic information. E.g. resources for car-drivers, electronic gadgets lovers or hunters.


With horizontal structure — Portals, those don`t have certain thematics, thought for stable widening. As an example can be a tourism resource: it can include functions for easy choice and purchase of travels, information for tourists, personal travellers blogs, shop of touristic ware and much more.

Portal development is a heavy task, that can only be realized by team of professionals. Specialists of web-studio Black Horse are able to come true tasks of any complexity.

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