Online Store

Online Store development
in digital agensy Black Horse is:

dedicated team

of specialists for each project


of functional and comfortable platform for commerce

comprehensive approach

to realization of a complex internet resource


on site optimization, promotion, web-marketing

Steps of Online Store

creation of an Online Store and its further keeping – is a very profitable step for a businessman. It costs much cheaper than creating a sales point in off-line. But the entire effect will come true, only if the project realization will make the team of professionals.

— 01 —
learning of
client’s business

The Online Store creation starts with the learning of client’s business, setting actual aims. For that, several meetings with the customer or his representatives are to make, to discuss all details, needed amount of work, as well as functions, suiting the realization of all tasks.

— 02 —

The next step is creation of technical task for Online Store creation. It is a document, describing fully the steps of development and all project details, also listing the full list of functional features. Technical task is obviously to co-ordinate between the customer and the specialists team, that will realize the project.

— 03 —

Working process on Online Store is difficult and complex. At the first step, the Online Store design is realized – a specialist is working on unique creative decisions, resource logo, comfortable structure, form of information distribution. The ready template goes to layout – the programmer, using special instruments, makes the site functional.

— 04 —
of the resource

Online Store creation is not finished with this. It is obvious to fill it with the content, and after that to provide the tilflow of target auditorium. That is why next obvious step is advertisement and promotion of the resource for forming and increase of auditorium and, therefore, for sales. These services web-studio Black Horse offers also.

Development and creation of the site
of an Online Store

Online Store development is a difficult task, needed volume investments. Each customer wants that these expenses buy themselves faster

Web-studio Black Horseis a reliable assistant. We understand your desires and are ready to offer system approach, fulfillment of obligations, terms and result guarantee.

Features of our work:
dedicated team

your project will have a personal manager, controlling all processes.


Market knowledge and experience allow to integrate effective decisions for sales.

comprehensive approach

Before the work starts we obviously learn the market, competitors and auditorium.


We promote and advertise a ready Online Store for sales start.

Criteria of successful
Online Store

design, that stimulates
the wish to buy.

An Online Store should attract auditorium. But it is not enough. Main criteria for such site are maximum comfortable interface and absence of disturbing functional elements. Beauties are not needed here – it is needed to provide for the buyer access to goods and ease movement between categories.


The modern buyer will not wait for durable pages loads and will not return to a site, if that made output of a failure by page or functional element load. Under conditions of the highest competition work on Online Store should be done of high quality, without mistakes and on maximum reliable platform.

Simple search.

Bad navigation, complicated or unfunctional search – are the risqué factors, because if a buyer doesn’t find a product(even if the product is on site), the client will be disappointed in the shop. Filters, sorting p-rinciples and other obvious nuances are thought through on the work step on architecture of the site. If everything is done perfectly – there will be no troubles.

Maximum information
about a product

In the Online Store the buyer can not touch the product. That is why we should give him the visual possibility to learn all the details: more photos, more descriptions and characteristics. The task of the developers is to provide comfortable functional possibility of maintaining data about the product.

Service – is the task
of the owner of an Online Store.

The developers of an Online Store have done the task ideally – created perfect and comfortable site. Marketologs and optimizers achieved profitable positions of the resource and tilflow of stable target visitors. But, the potential buyer, coming to an Online Store, is confrontated to product absence, unactuality of a price, rude conversation. That means, that the huge importance has not only successful creation of an internet shop but also its future support, level of service, speed of answers on buyers demands. Web-studio Black Horse provides complex services on creation and promotion of Online Store – all other depends on you as the owner of the resource.

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