Landing Page

Landing page – is the art of a site, that allows to gain the fast result for business.

It is in the most cases the selling web-site, that provides fast sales, orders, feedback and other obvious operations.

It is the optimal commercial decision, wirth help of which the target auditorium can be attracted and the earning in the internet can start.

Turnkey creation of landings

Use of landing page allows to earn in the internet literally from the first day of startup of the site and advertisement campaign to it. It is the most profitable resource for sale of one certain product or service, for noticing the persons who wish to participate in the training, for promotion and other similar decisions. The features of our work with landings:

Creation of effective business decision for fast start.

Help in attraction of first customers and buyers.

Optimal usability, maximum comfortable for clients.

Help in successful promotion of your business in internet.

Landing page development

in web-studio BlackHorse is:
  • fast creation of selling project in the internet
  • high conversion by minimum investments
  • use of context advertisement for promotion.

Features of landing page development

Landing page must sell.

People prefer to order the landing pages for sales of goods and services. In order to achieve that, each page element should carry a certain commercial sense. Photos, texts, buttons, forms for call back, elements of firm style – all this must work for sales.

Effectivity tracking – the obvious factor.

So to understand, how much effective was development of a landing page, one has to use instruments of web-analytics. They allow to track the traffic, to calculate the conversion, to understand, why refuses appear, to research the sources of navigations to the site. This information allows to make all better and to increase results.

Best landing page promotion – with help of context advertisements.

It is not enough to order a landing page for sales start. Maximum persons should get know about the site and maximum fast. Standard tools of promotion in this case do not match. The best instrument is the context advertisement. By the optimal expenses it allows to attract interested visitors from the first days of the resource startup.

Steps of Landing page creation

landing page creation in Kharkov is the high demand service, that is why web-studio Black Horse worked the serious experience on realization of these projects.

We offer the best decisions for each client: distributed team for work on a project, services of professional manager for quality control, following terms and contract agreements, orientation on the effective result.

setting of aims

composing the technical task

site projecting

landing page

layout and
site start up

to hosting

start up of context

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