Creation of a company site (corporative site)

Development of the on-line market and mass movement of customers to it, influenced business processes in all spheres of economics. Nearly for all companies, despite of activity art and work volume, creation of sites became obvious direction of future development. With help of personal resource of the company it is possible to attract additional auditorium, to provide feedback from customers, to widen the own business.

Web development of corporative sites – specialization of Black Horse company.

We provide:

creation of companies sites of any complexity

system approach: from project to realization

accent on commercial effectivity of the resource

search promotion and advertising

Turnkey corporative sites creation

Producing of companies sites in Kharkov is done by a tuned schema, where best specialists of web studio Black Horse take part. Hundreds of ready projects – the best confirmation of result of our work. Wending to us, you obtain ready for work corporative project.

Features of our job:

the personal manager controls work on each project

we always analyze the market, competitors and target auditorium

we create projects, those will help you to attract and to sell.

We provide complex marketing services in the Net and not only.

Corporative site development

creation of companies web sites comes step-by-step and includes: analysis, decision, integration, startup. The process starts with learning of customer’s requirements and features of his business. The project manager meets the client, learns key characteristics of business, market nuances, specifics of company activity, target auditorium.

The process of corporative site creation continues with work on technical task. In the document the future project is fully described, and the process of work on it. Technical task is approved by side of the customer and professionals of web studio Black Horse and after that starts the development process.

Site producing is the complex process, supposing attraction of several specialists. As a whole, it is a team work, where each participant has his own responsibilities. Web designer works on unique style and site logo, together with the developer thinks through the optimal structure. The ready design project is brightened up by developer with help of web programming tools. After that resource comes to administrator, who supplies filling the pages with ready content and movement of resource to customer’s hosting. Final step – testing, after what the site is ready for use and for search promotion.

Criteria of successful company site

Functional interface.

Design is not only the attractivity of corporative site and re3flection of company style, but also an interface element. That is why the comfort for visitors is the main criterion. In conditions of high competition one has to fight for his auditorium and to provide it exclusive conditions.

Stability and reliability.

Effectivity of web development is measured yet by stability of site functioning. The modern user will not wait 1-2 minutes until a page is loaded, and will not come back to the site if its functional elements output error messages. So that visitors don’t walk to competitors, one has to develop the company site on a reliable platform, that will be recommended by professionals.

Accordance to the needs of the target auditorium.

Visiting the company site from the search engine, visitors want to get answers for their questions or versions of solving their problems. They should in several seconds get to see, what the resource is offering, what to do, in order to use this proposition and why it is profitable. Knowing the market, knowing the web marketing, creating the optimal interface, we can provide base for growth of conversion.

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