Creation of visit-card site

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visit-card site — is a small resource with value of 5-10 pages, created for promotion in internet services, products, works, informational and any other product, created by a certain person or company

Most of all visit-card sites order specialists: teachers, lawers, doctors, and also artists and other professionals.


Principles of our work:


we work according to a contract with transparent conditions.


we create projects from zero-point, promote and make advertisements.


no procrastinating and unawaited overpayments.


no technical failures and inconveniences in site use.

visit-card site development

in web-studio Black Horse

Everything starts with discussement of project with a customer: at the very beginning we have to make a technical task, where each nuance should be considered. The main thing is, that visit-card site allows to acheive aims set — e.g. attracts attention of auditorium or activates feedback from clients.

visit-card site creation after making of the technical task starts with design project.

Uniqueness, comfort, accordance to modern approach and thematics — are important factors, which a designer should consider.

After that, the work starts the programmer. The ready site template moves to administration and optimization. Files of the project are copied to hosting, the upload of ready content is done — and the visit-card site is ready. One can go on working on it, providing promotion in search engines and advertisement.

7 factors for creation of quality visit-card site

individual design.

It is worth to order creation of visit-card site with the design, created by your requests. In this sphere there can be no template decisions — otherwise such projects would not interest the user. Well-done design — is not only a beautiful image, but ideal usability.

Simple management system.

The visit-card site can be created with the possibility of further administering without attracting of professionals.

That is why we choose for clients simple systems, where one can understand in minutes.

Fast load.

Nowadays nobody waits til a page is loaded. If the small site will load slow, the visitings will decrease. That is why we optimize this index.

High security.

No doubt, that in your competition area there are people, who will initiate site attack. We will not let them do this, providing resource defence.


Among internet surfers there are round 50% owners of mobile devices now. We do so, that visit-card site is valuable open on any screens of smartphones and tablets.

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